Do you need a fresh start this year?

It is a tradition to make resolutions in the New Year – and a long-running joke that we often fail to keep them. But for those of you who are looking to escape a troubled home life, change is non-negotiable and failure is not an option. There is no better time for a fresh start than the New Year – and you don’t have to do it alone. At David Lee Solicitors, family law is a speciality – and we take you and your family’s well-being very seriously indeed.

Romantic relationships don’t always get fairy-tale endings. When those relationships are marriages that include children and assets, then finding a solution to the situation can be difficult. Friends and family can offer emotional support, but it is vital that anyone who is considering a divorce gets expert legal advice from start to finish. A specialist can you to ensure that an unpleasant situation isn’t made much worse. We can help you to protect your assets and – most importantly – any children you and your partner have. We can represent you in mediation, and if a friendly solution is not forthcoming, we can represent you in court too.

It is important to start with mediation and take it seriously, because things are better all-round if emotionally and financially taxing court processes are avoided. Couples will have to decide a range of issues, such as when the children will see each party and for how long, where children will go to school, how possessions are divided up, and much more. This is made difficult by the fact that, when a married couple divorces, both parties have claims against the other. The acrimonious mood that often accompanies these moments can make it hard to think clearly. However, thinking clearly is of utmost importance if you want to protect yourself financially and create the best possible outcomes for your family. That is where we come in. Of course, sometimes, no amount of rationality can coax an amicable agreement out of a difficult spouse. In those situations, we go to court.

Tragically, abuse often plays a part in these situations. Domestic abuse is far more common than any of us would like to admit, and escaping your abuser should be your first priority. As many as 120 women and 30 men each year are killed by their current or former partner. If you are a victim of domestic violence or abuse, then we would encourage you to make a change. We can offer you all the legal support you require, including seeking injunctions, protection notices, and orders, in court. 

If you are unhappy at home, then speak to us. We will provide you with a totally free, no obligation, meeting, where we’ll explain to you how our expertise and support can help you through this difficult time. Remember – there are another 11 months left of the year. Make the most of them by not putting off a change you know is for the best. 

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