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Debt Response Charges

We offer fixed fees but prices quoted on our website will not be binding in that separate and personalised quotes and estimates will be provided to clients once they are formally engaged and provided with a Client Care Letter and Terms and Conditions of Business. The rate of VAT is currently 20%.

Letter before actionAmount of ClaimCourt Issue FeeCourt Issue Fee On-LineFixed costs on issue of claimFixed rates on applying for judgement
£15.00 plus VatUp to £300£35.00£25.00£50.00 
£15.00 plus VatFrom £301 to £500£50.00£35.00£50.00 
£15.00 plus Vat£501 to £1,000£70£60£70 
£15.00 plus Vat£1,000.01 to £1,500£80£70£80£25.00 up to £5,00
£15.00 plus Vat£1,500.01 to £3,000£115.00£105.00£80£35.00 up to £10,000
£50.00 plus Vat£3,000.01 to £5,000£205.00£185.00£80 
£50.00 plus Vat£5,000.01 to £10,000£455.00£410.00£100.00 
* Hourly rate charged see below£10,000 upwards5% of sum claimed4.5% of sum claimed* Hourly rate charged see below 

A letter before action includes a telephone call to the Debtor to request payment if no initial response is received at the expiry of the 7 days and/or 2nd chaser letter to the Debtor if telephone contact is not made.

Hourly rates for letter before action for debts over £10,000 upwards

  • Diana Crone £123.00 per hour

If the matter is defended our usual hourly rates apply:


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Court fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process
Counsels Fees: Counsels fees are dependent upon the experience of the advocate. We will provide you with a fee estimate for the particular advocate for attending a Tribunal hearing (including preparation (that is selected for your matter)

Landlord & Tenant

Landlord & TenantFeesVatCourt FeesTotal
Possession Claims & Section 21 Notices£800.00£160.00 £1,315.00
Bailiff’s Warrant (if needed)£121.00£20.00£110.00£230.00
Any hearings or personal service extra    
Possession Claims & S8 Notices£900£180.00£355.00£1,435.00
Advocacy fee appx£150.00£30.00 £180.00
Bailiff’s Warrants (if needed)£121.00£20.00£110.00£230.00

Personal service of Notice (if needed) extra.

Family Law

Family LawFeesVatCourt FeesTotal
Uncontested Divorce Petitioner£750.00£150.00£550.00£1450.00
Uncontested Divorce Respondent£700.00£140.00 £840.00

  • Process Servers fees for Personal service of Documents £90 to £300, (no vat).
  • Attendance at Court, to argue Costs Order £932 plus Vat (£186.40 ) total £1118.40.
  • Contested / Defended Divorce – Charged at hourly rate of £233 plus vat (£46.60 ) total per hour is £279.60. Costs estimate £2,330 plus Vat (£466.60 ). Total £2796.00 plus Barristers Fees ( f required ) of between £1850 plus Vat (£370) total £2,220 to £3,500 plus Vat ( £700 ) total £4200.

Advocacy: Interim Hearings: £1,140 + Vat for 1/2 day

Wills & Power of Attorney

Wills & Power of AttorneyFeesVatCourt FeesTotal
Basic Will£200.00£40.00 £240.00
Husband / Wife as mirror Wills£350.00£70.00 £420.00
Power of Attorney: Single (health & welfare or finances)£350.00£70.00£82.00 registration fee£502.00
Power of Attorney: Both£600.00£120.00£164.00 registration fee£884.00
2x Wills & 2x Power of Attorney£1,000.00£200.00 £1,200.00
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