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Last year, court actions taken against people acting with power of attorney hit an all-time high. There is a simple reason for this: many lasting powers of attorney are created without professional advice. That opens the door to a plethora of abuses, as power over vulnerable people’s estates is handed to third-parties.

The Law Gazette reports that The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) “made 721 applications to the Court of Protection to censure or remove attorneys in 2018/19”. This is a 55% increase from the previous year. Over both years together, such court actions have doubled. The Gazette states that “making improper gifts and not acting in the vulnerable person’s best interests were two of the main reasons for having attorneys censured or removed,” and notes that the OPG also “launched 2,883 safeguarding investigations” last year – a 54% increase, year over year.  

We have years of experience preparing Power of Attorney forms. We can advise you on what powers to hand to your Attorney(s), how to take precautionary steps and the available safeguards to prevent abuse of the system.  

It is important to get expert advice so that the donor is properly cared for in terms of their health, welfare and financial provisions, and not rely on shop bought or LPA Kits. We offer discounts if you wish to simultaneously prepare a will and Lasting Powers of Attorney Forms. Whether you’re acting for yourself or steering a vulnerable third-party in the right direction, placing a call to David Lee Solicitors is a practical way to ensure that no one can run off with your money.

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