Thank Goodness for Virtual Hearings:
They Save Lives and Money

David Lee Solicitors - Legal Online Court Hearing Meeting - Kenilworth, Warwickshire

The use of virtual and telephone court hearings in the place of face-to-face hearings has been a great success. The intention was to maintain a functioning court system, whilst complying with government restrictions and protecting court users from the risk of contracting Covid-19.

We Only Attend Virtual Courts

Our local courts embraced these hearings very early on in the pandemic. Here at David Lee Solicitors, we welcomed the change. We have attended countless virtual and telephone hearings, without any difficulties.
David Lee Solicitors - Scales of Justice - Kenilworth, Warwickshire
This, together with our other measures, has allowed us to remain a Covid-19 secure site throughout the last twelve months and NONE of our team have contracted the virus.

Unfortunately, other legal professionals and court users have not been so lucky. The Law Society Gazette has recently published an article stating that:

“Staff at 48 courts [have] tested positive for Covid-19, including five staff members at Bromley County and Family Court. Judges at 14 courts, jurors at 12 courts and court users at 40 courts also had the coronavirus.”

We Continue Uninterrupted Service Due to Diligent COVID-19 Measures

David Lee Solicitors - Remote Online Client Meeting - Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Keeping us out of the courtroom has saved us from adding to those statistics whilst allowing us to continue working and providing an uninterrupted service to our existing and new clients.

The changes have undoubtedly improved the service we can provide to our clients. On one day, we were required to attend a hearing in the North Midlands in the morning, and Coventry in the afternoon.

This would not have been possible if they had not been telephone hearings. We could not have represented both clients on the same day.

Major Savings of Travel Time and Cost with Remote Court Hearings

Another added bonus is the significant reduction in costs of attending a hearing. When we were physically attending court, clients would be required to pay for travel and waiting time, in addition to the time spent in the hearing.

David Lee Solicitors - Judge Gavel and Block - Kenilworth, Warwickshire

With virtual and telephone hearings, the client pays only for the time dealing with the hearing. There is no travel time, and we know exactly what time the hearing will start and finish. Costs have reduced significantly.

For remote hearings, the client sits with us in our brand new, modern and comfortable offices, rather than in the unfamiliar and sometimes daunting surroundings of a court building. Also, the car park is free!

Let us all hope that the courts continue to utilise virtual and telephone hearings when we move past the Coronavirus pandemic. We will all be much safer, efficient, and cost effective as a result.

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