Welcome to David Lee Solicitors’ new Brand and Website!

David Lee solicitors take a massive step to improve their customers’ experience when working with the firm.

David Lee Solicitors is dedicated to helping the local community in Kenilworth, as well as the wider community in Warwickshire. One way we do that is through our charity work, but the foremost way is through our business. 

We have worked hard to deliver the best service possible to our customers, helping them through divorces, custody battles, work disputes, and more. We are very proud of the fact that we have built up a reputation as trustworthy, caring, people with real expertise at the law. Now, we want our branding to reflect that, helping even more people to find us and decide to enlist our help in what is often the most difficult time of their lives. 

So, here is our new website, and welcome to our newsfeed! After years of success with our old brand, it was time for a refresh. Over the years, our expertise, as well as our client base, has grown significantly. We wanted our website (and our brand more generally) to reflect the bigger, better, firm that we have become.

We wanted to deliver an experience that was simpler, more streamlined and offered our customers an all-round better experience. That meant employing midlands-based creative agency Kiss Design to give our entire brand an overhaul. We knew what was at the heart of David Lee Solicitors – and we wanted to make sure that everyone else knew it too!

With all that in mind, we hope you enjoy this newsfeed and the new website it sits within. We have looked to a simpler, more defined, curated user journey that presents the relevant information in a more intuitive way. We have re-examined our visual identity to make sure that it is fit for purpose in today’s world, and conveys the confidence we feel in our brand values. And, most of all, we have looked at our branding and asked “what would we want as customers?”.

We’re very pleased with the end result, and we hope you will be too. Because, at the end of the day, branding is all about customer experience – and we want yours to be a positive one from the first moment you meet us, to the conclusion of your case.

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